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Gifts for Family and Friends 
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Here’s why

  • You have the widest choice of Ireland BEST visitor attraction tickets available anywhere
    – so you choose Top Attractions based on where in Ireland your friends are visiting,
    or can easily visit.
  • You can buy tickets to more than one attraction at the same time, combining them to
    make a extra gift.
  • Our tickets have long validity dates, typically  up to one year (the validity dates can
    vary, but are stated on all tickets and so you see this before you buy). It means that
    the gift recipient has plenty of time to use them.
  • In addition, unlike ‘City Passes’ around the world, there is no 24-hour or 48-hour
    ‘ticking clock’ from first use. Each ticket can be used, at leisure, anytime within their
    validity period and the attractions opening times.
  • Top Attraction Ireland Tickets make great gifts for family and friendsOur prices are guaranteed during each tickets validity period, so the gift recipient never has extras to pay.
  • At some attractions, the ticket holders can skip queues and, where this is the case, we indicate it.
  • You Buy with Confidence. Our payment system is powered by Stripe, a world leader in payment technology. Every transaction is encrypted through Stripe for the maximum security of all payment card data. 
  • If you or the person you gift the ticket to needs help, our customer care team are just an email or phone call away.You can email us at or, if in Ireland, phone us at 061 358 967 or from overseas +353 61 358 967. If it relates to a ticket already purchased, please quote your ticket number. 
How to Gift a Ticket

  • Gifting a ticket is easy. When you are buying a ticket for family or friends you will be asked to name the person to feature on the ticket, if other than yourself. Name the gift recipient. When YOU receive the ticket by email you can just forward it to them by email, to your own timing and with your own message. Or, you can print it out and give it as a printed ticket. The tickets look great, particulary in colour! Our tickets are typically valid for one year - which adds to their gift appeal but this can vary from attraction to attraction, so always check when buying. The validity is always indicated during the buying process.
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