King John's Castle Visitor Experience

The wonderful new King John's Castle Experience brings together the Castle's remarkable archaeology and 21st century technology to help you discover the history of Limerick City and King John's Castle. 

Open Year Round.

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Limerick City (See Map Below)


King John's Castle is located on 'King's Island' in the heart of medieval Limerick City. Following a multi-million euro investment, this 13th CENTURY CASTLE now features a new visitor centre with state of the art interpretive activities and exhibitions, 21st century touch-screen technology and 3D models. This new technology will connect you to tales of siege and warfare. Visitors can try on historic costumes to re-live castle life. Discovery drawers and audio visuals help you to delve into the Castle's history. Children will also love the dazzling array of computer-generated animations and ghostly projections as they travel back through time.


King John – a Formidable Force

King John was the brother of Richard the Lionheart, associated with legends such as Robin Hood and the Knights’ of the Round Table. John, Lord of Ireland, though not as popular as his brother, was a formidable force in battle and when he set about claiming territory in Ireland, he certainly made his mark in Limerick.

Not only was the site used for defensive purposes, King John, as 'Lord of Ireland' minted his own coins and the Royal moneyer would have struck the coins in the Castle mint.  Before 1200 there were large earthen defences erected on high ground to defend the river crossing. Between 1200 and 1212 King John’s Castle was planned and built. In the following centuries it was repaired and extended many times.

In 1642 the Great Siege devastated Limerick and the castle. Siege mines weakened the front wall (East curtain wall) of the castle and counter-siege mines carried out during the later and subsequent sieges. To date over 1,000 objects were excavated including skeletal remains of the siege period.  You can view the remains of a medieval garrison and soldiers quarters recently discovered close to the Sallyport area of the castle.

A number of houses, believed to be Viking in origin, were unearthed during earlier restoration of the castle and are worth seeing. Between 1690 and 1691 the Williamite sieges led to the signing of the Treaty of Limerick. You can clearly view the Treaty Stone, said to be the site of the signing of the document on the far shore of the river, from the battlements of the castle.

The Pre-Norman features discovered are both defensive and settlement. Extensive evidence of an early defence system and of a strong earthen rampart, held together with limestone boulders and protected by a deep ditch, show that King John’s Castle was built on an existing fortification.

King John’s Castle retains many of the pioneering features which made its construction unique for the time. Its massive gate house, battlements and corner towers await your exploration while the armoury and its contents remain as evidence of its turbulent history.


King John's Castle is situated on 'King's Island' in the heart of medieval Limerick City. It is just a few minutes walk from the city centre and very close to St. Mary's Cathedral. The Castle overlooks the majestic River Shannon which flows through the City. 

King John's Castle Visitor Experience Location:

History Comes Alive in The Courtyard

In the Castle courtyard you will get a sense of the bustling activity that took place in times past, including the blacksmith's workshop complete with tools and weapons.

You can also explore the Norman medieval campaign tent and the walkway in the remains of the Great Hall of the Castle built circa 1280. You can step into the sanctuary of the chapel to take a quiet moment. Each of the Castle towers has been dressed to re-create the daily operation of a busy military castle, complete with armoury and mint.  

Visitor Information

King John's Castle
Nicholas Street, Limerick City
T. +353 (0)61 360 788

Open Year Round



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