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Search Tips


The Quick Finder Search Panel


  • The ‘Quick Finder’ search panel on the homepage and elsewhere on this website 
    is simple to use. You can search for an attraction by County, City or Town. The ‘County,
    City and Town’ search field will ‘autofill’, as you type, when you type in 3 or more letters.
    This will make your search easier. So, for example, typing in 'Dub' will display "Dublin City"
    and Dublin North", etc. You then make your selection and click the orange ‘FIND’ button to
    return your selection. The autofill only suggests locations where we have attractions. 
  • TIP: Just clicking 'FIND', without any other selection, will return ALL destinations with
    attractions in map view. 
  • All search returns appear as ‘Cities or Towns’ on our Ireland ‘Map View’. Click on your
    preferred City/Town to view the attractions there. OR, just above the map, you can click on
    ‘List View’ to ‘Flip the Map’ to see the Listings View. In this way you will see ALL attractions
    matching your search across all returning Cities and Towns.
  • If you click on a City or Town then, in addition to displaying the attractions in that location, it will also display other attractions, against your search criteria, within a 30 kilometre radius. A line separator will separate the attractions within the destination you selected from those that are nearby.


Search by Attraction Name

  • You can also search by 'Attraction Name'. If you type in any part of a word into the 'Attraction Name' field in the Quick Finder it will autofill to help you find and select the attraction you are looking for. For instance, if you key in “Bun” then “Bunratty Castle & Folk Park will be one of the auto-fill selection choices. If you then click on the attraction’s name you will be brought directly to that attraction's profile. 


Detailed Search

  • ‘Detailed Search’ is a link option located on the ‘Quick Finder’ Search Panel.  Click on it and you will be brought to a search page that allows you search by any combination of attraction categories, locations and facilities/services.


Map Search

  • There is currently no map search. However, if you click on ‘View Ireland Map?’ on The ‘Quick Finder’ search panel it will take you to a map page that will give you a sense of Ireland’s geography. The page includes a simple map with Ireland's counties, cities and ports. This You can filter your search by these optionsshould help 'orientate' you and help with your search choices. 


    Filtering your Results

    • You can filter your search results based on facilities and services that might be important to you in your selection of an attraction (see list opposite). For example, you may wish to identify those attractions that have baby-changing facilities or perhaps dining facilities etc.
    • TIP: as a general rule the more facilities and services you select when filtering your returns, the fewer the number of attractions that are likely to return to meet all these criteria. This is because the returning attractions will have to meet ALL your selected preferences. So, we suggest you only use the filter if there is a facility/service that is very important to you. 


    Search for Attractions that can be Booked through this website

    • You can filter ANY search to ONLY display those attractions that have tickets for sale on THIS website. 



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