House of Waterford Crystal

The House of Waterford Crystal produces more than 65,000 pieces each year using traditional manufacturing techniques. Take a guided factory tour and see the highly skilled methods used in crystal manufacturing.

Open Year Round.

The Mall, Waterford City (See Map Below)


The House of Waterford Crystal is located on the Mall in the heart of Waterford City, just 100 yards from the River Suir. It brings a visit to Waterford to a new level as visitors can witness the creation of crystal stemware, giftware and masterpieces right before their very eyes.

The factory tour is a unique and captivating experience that will enthral visitors of all ages. The tour lets people go behind the scenes for over an hour and see exactly how Waterford Crystal pieces are made. Visitors can witness every stage of production, from the initial design stage right up to the final engraving of the piece.

The Magical Crystal Tour 

On the tour, visitors first visit the mould room where they witness the mould making – a technique that has remained unchanged throughout the centuries, as the Master Blowers shape the molten crystal flawlessly with the use of wooden moulds and hand tools. The next part of the tour is truly magical, as visitors enter the blowing department where they see glowing balls of crystal transformed into majestic shapes as they are put through the 1300-degree furnace. The Waterford Crystal pieces are then hand-marked for precision and accuracy, and they are then cut, sculpted and engraved.

Visitors also see the high standards that the House of Waterford Crystal has for each and every piece that leaves the factory. The crystal is inspected at each stage of production, so each piece, no matter how small, goes through six inspections.  If it fails to reach the Waterford Crystal standards at any stage it is smashed and returned to the furnace to be re-melted so that the piece can be started again.

The World's Largest Collection of Waterford Crystal 

The House of Waterford Crystal is also home to the largest collection of Waterford Crystal in the world. Waterford Crystal can be purchased is the retail shop.



The House of Waterford Crystal is located on the Mall, in Waterford City centre, in the heart of the Viking Triangle. If arriving in Waterford by train, the House of Waterford Crystal is just a 5 minute taxi ride away.

Latitude/Longitude - 52.2593, -7.1073 

House of Waterford Crystal Location:

The Wonder of Waterford Crystal

The House of Waterford Crystal factory produces circa 50,000 high-end crystal pieces per year using traditional methods.

It keeps the traditions of mouth blowing, hand finishing sculpting and engraving alive. It is the tremendous skills of the artisans employed, at the House of Waterford Crystal, that make the creation of these exceptional pieces possible today. 

Take a tour and see these skilled artisans at work and perhaps buy from the world's largest selection.

Visitor Information

House of Waterford Crystal Tour
The Mall, Waterford City
T. +353 (0)51 317 000



You can book online tickets to the House of Waterford Crystal directly from their website at




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